Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Konica Big Mini - a japanese legend.

Let me introduce to You: Konica BM-302 with 35mm f3.5 lens.

This little camera has an cult-status in Japan, mainly because of early Hiromix work. Nobuyoshi Araki also swears to this model.

The Big Mini is small and fits perfectly into my pocket. The lens is collapsible and have NO lens cover (it doesn't bother me much. Despite of having not too many knobs (5 of them - release, power, mode, mode2, rewind), its very intuitive to use: just point-and-shot - simple as that. It also have some extremely useful funktions for more serious photographers:

- exposure compensation +-1.5
- forced flash (fill in and slow sync)
- up to 7,5 sec long automatic exposure

Results: pictures are sharp enough, without disturbing vignetting or distortion.

For more informations and sample pics click "Konica" - label on the right ---->

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