Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Half frame, enyone? - Olympus Pen D impressions

Half frames are perfect replacement for modern digital p&s cameras. They do 72 pics on normal 36 film, which IS quite a lot!

This monday I picked from my lab film made with Olympus Pen D - I'm truly impressed with this little camera, and it became my favorite take-enywhere snapshot equipment. It is equipped with fantastic fast and sharp Zuiko 32mm f1.9 lens (a bit longer than 50mm on full frame) and have build-in selenium light meter (on my example still works pretty accurate!).

It has a central shutter and it is the quietest shutter I've ever heard! Actually when I made first photo with it, I thought it was broken - just a silent "click". It's even quieter than very silent Yashica GTN.

The camera is fully mechanical - works without ANY batteries. The only quirk I can think of here is lacking of ANY sharpening help - no through-the-lens view nor rangefinder here! You have to "evaluate" the distance on your own (It's actually easier than it sounds).

Build quality is superb - it feels rugged and heavy - despite its small dimensions. Everything works precise and smooth. Under "half frame" tag You'll find some photo examples from this camera.
I can only say: Highly Recommended!

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